Welcome to IESI Ltd

Energy is all around us. It is evident in its various forms in heat and light from the sun and the sound and force of the wind. We use it to fuel our transport system, heat and light our homes, and power industry.

IESI Ltd are a 'key player' in the evolution of biomass based renewable energy production both in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Our team has unrivalled practical experience and expertise in the design, implementation and operation of renewable energy facilities.

This experience enables IESI Limited to offer sound support and advice to developers, power companies, project financers, and O+M companies involved in the development and realisation of renewable energy power plants.

Since its foundation over 30 years ago, IESI has built an enviable record of successful experience in energy management, energy technology and cost control.

During its entire history, the firm has remained at the forefront of the evolution of industrial energy technology. Motivated by the challenging opportunities that energy planning, management and technological advancement can provide, IESI is justifiably proud of the many innovative, often unique, and always creative solutions to energy problems.

For many of its exacting and cost-conscious customers, the firm has achieved not only the reduction of energy costs, but also the improvement of overall process efficiency and product quality.

The firm has the experience to source and secure national and international financial grant sponsorship, and since the introduction of the THERMIE programme of the Council for European Communities, it has won over twenty awards for its innovative solutions to energy problems.

IESI looks forward to the future with a solid record of achievement in the international energy field. In a global energy economy that increasingly demands better environmental energy services with new institutional structures for future markets, IESI is determined to remain at the leading edge of this evolution.