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Wind Power 

The Economics of Wind Energy - Wind is Free

It is important for the national security of future energy supplies that we reduce this dependence on overseas fuel sources. Oil and gas prices fluctuate widely, although the general trend is for rising prices. These fluctuations can cause problems for businesses and the national economy.
With wind turbines there are no fuel costs as the wind is free.
Electricity from wind is already competitive with many fossil fuels, and will become ever more competitive as fossil fuel prices rise.
Wind energy can provide an important boost to the economics of rural areas.

10 Facts About Wind Energy

Wind energy is a totally sustainable, clean and everlasting resource
• Wind energy reduces our over-reliance on imported fossil fuels
• The life span of a wind turbine is approximately 15 - 20 years
• Turbines are made of steel and are generally painted matt white/grey to minimise reflection and visual impact
• Wind turbines are not noisy - you can hold a conversation at the base of a turbine without having to raise your voice
• Wind energy creates local jobs in supply, construction and maintenance
• Wind energy strengthens the local electrical infrastructure
• The average wind turbine will pay back the energy used in its manufacture within 3 months
• When turbines reach the end of their working lives, they can easily be removed and the sites returned to their original use
• Wind energy is ours and will provide clean energy for our children and for future generations