Bio Diesel
The original diesel cycle engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel and he had in mind the use of vegetable oil as his fuel.

However, the lower cost and associated economics of mineral oil was too great a commercial force for bio diesel to compete against.

However, we are nearly one hundred years later and the following has happened:

Environmental issues now have a price tag such as,
Excused excise on bio-diesel
Green house gas emission markets
Kyoto Agreement on the limitation of green house gases such as CO2

Bio-diesel is a complete natural renewable fuel applicable in any situation where conventional petroleum diesel is used.

Even though ‘diesel’ is part of its name, there are no petroleum or other fossil fuels in bio-diesel. Bio-diesel is 100% vegetable oil or animal fat based.

There is now a European Standard, EN14214 for bio-diesel. This standard of bio-diesel can be used instead of mineral diesel in a conventional diesel engine for trucks, motor cars, ships and power generators. It will give the same output as mineral oil, i.e. the same miles / gallon.