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Alternative 'Greener' Energies.

More and more types of industries are looking for cheaper and cleaner energy.

Bottle necks for these type of projects often appear due to fuel availability.

In the long term, energy is becoming more expensive and in some cases, more scarce. Governments are putting in place tools to help the development of Greener Energy projects.

Modern Day Markets.

In the modern day market place, consumers are requesting products with a lower CO2 footprint.

‘Green Milk’ may sound strange today, but it will be an issue in the future. The tea manufacturer Lipton’s have already produced a tea that has been dried using renewable energy.

Volvo Trucks in Ghent, Belgium have invested in the first CO2 neutral production site using a 5 MWth boiler fired with biomass pellets. These actions have helped Volvo Trucks to ban the emission of green house gases.