Renewable Energy

Biomass is organic material that can be converted into useable energy. Bioenergy is green. The use of bioenergy from sustainable biomass resources can help create a green image for individuals, companies, municipalities and governments. Power produced from bioenergy sources can be certified as "green power" and sold at a premium in the market.

Carbon Cycle

Biomass energy is clean energy - it operates in a closed carbon cycle and is carbon neutral. Bioenergy is greenhouse gas neutral. When fossil fuels are converted into energy, they emit greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide. Biomass also emits carbon dioxide when it decays naturally and when it is used to produce energy. The difference is that living biomass in plants and trees absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. Thus there is a closed cycle with no net emission of greenhouse gases. By substituting bioenergy for fossil-based energy, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced.

IESI Ltd specialises in the recovery and utilisation of energy from Biomass resources.

The production of energy from biomass fulfills a very important role in the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere as it forms part of the carbon cycle.

The thermal treatment of biomass in place of fossil fuels assists in the reduction of greenhouse gas emission.