IESI Ltd is able to offer a range of services to suit its varied client base. Regardless of the project position, be it conceptual, developmental, under construction or operational we offer sound and honest advice. However we are not afraid to 'think outside the box' for an original solution if necessary. Our 'repeat customer' base is testament to the quality, value for money services we provide.

Our services include:-

• Feasibility studies
A feasibility study will assess the viability of a range of alternative solutions and will answer the following questions:-
• What are the end deliverables and what purpose will they serve?
• Which technology is most apt?
• What are the environmental effects?
• What are the operating and maintenance issues
• What are the scheduling issues surrounding implementation?
• What are the build issues?
• What are the project costs and payback etc?

• Technical Due Diligence Assessments
IESI Limited has extensive experience both as lead assessors and working in project teams, in the provision of technical due diligence to a range of client groups; banks, investors, project developers and development teams and government bodies.

Our assessments are based on many years practical experience in the renewable energy sector which gives us an unparalleled understanding of our client needs, thereby enabling our delivery of reports and solutions that meet their requirements.

• Design Proposal Reviews & Combustion Plant Reconfiguration Advice & Design
Many of our clients seek advice on the assessment of plant for conversion from fossil fuel, (coal/lignite) firing to biomass.

Following a site visit and collection of relevant data, we are able to investigate a range of options for the client.

Our reports contain recommendations and advice to improve current operations as well as medium and long term options to modify existing plant or even re-plant to improve profitability as required.

• Local planning and EPA approvals assistance
The process of obtaining permissions, approvals and licences from various regulatory authorities can be a time consuming and costly one.  We understand the needs of local authorities, councils and environment protection agencies as well as those issues likely to be of concern to local inhabitants.

An understanding of the environmental impact issues enables developers and owners to prepare submissions, having a much greater chance of first pass approval, which goes far in demonstrating a 'responsible operator' attitude.

Our experience enables the provision of sound information and advice where required.